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    "I can only give to you what I have already given to myself. I can only understand the world as much as I understand myself."

    Listen to one of my mentees sharing some of the insights I've shared with her.


    "Before signing up with Tracey for Coach Mentoring, I was struggling to get the courage and see my real potential. I already knew through my own health journey that for long term behaviour change I needed to take on new insights and new thinking. But I did not know how to show that to my own clients. Tracey showed me it was right there within me the whole time and that all I had to do was believe in myself.

    Tracey's training is top notch and she guides you the whole way. With each session I find myself wanting more. Tracey is a bright shining star ready to share her light with anyone curious and when you are done you will see yourself shining light on others too. Tracey will change your life in the most positive way and help you find it all right there within you.

    "You just have to have the desire to look, the vulnerability to see, and the courage to fall in to it."

    Thank you Tracey for being a bright shining star and for making these insights so very visible! Tia."

    Being a health coach is the BEST job in the world. I get to point people back to their innate wellbeing. To the mental wellbeing and metabolic health that they deserve.

    Being a health coach is an art. It is NOT a science. There is no one way to do things. But there are some clear things health coaches are not.

    In my 6 years as a coach, I have transformed my own life along with the lives of many others who have trusted me to help them. And I've worked out a few things that work (and a lot that don't!) over my time. This is what I can share with you if you would like to take on some mentoring with me.

    My coach mentoring program is a 6 month plus program. We meet over zoom (or face to face if you're in Melbourne) every fortnight, and will continue beyond the 6 months mentoring should you need at no extra charge.

    Core Topics:

    1. What is the role of a coach and what type of a coach do you want to be?

    • Technique versus insight
    • Why is this important
    • Clarity for yourself and your clients
    • Avoid the common traps most coaches make
    • How to be of service

       2. What are the essential skills coaches need?

      • Listening differently – listening for a feeling
      • Connection – getting out of your own head and helping your client get out of theirs. Judgement is the number one barrier of connection… and we all love to do it.
      • Seeing the wellbeing of your client – your client has wellbeing within, they just can’t see it yet. But you can.

       3. Putting your own mask on before you help others

      • Your own grounding and development
      • You own self awareness of what drives you
      • You own level of curiosity.

       4. Conducting a coaching session

      • Pre information gathering
      • During a session – intake, noticing, listening, connecting
      • Do’s and don’ts of a coaching session

      5. Setting up your coaching business

      • Social media
      • What to charge
      • Insurance
      • Courses, podcast, finding clients
      • website

      These topics are the ones that I see come up time and time again for people who are attempting lifestyle change. The challenges of lifestyle change!

      • Knowing deeply how to set to scene for change in your clients
      • Emotional/stress eating and drinking - how this works and helping your clients overcome these habits.
      • Effective habit change – how it works, how to create new ones
      • The perfection myth – perfection is totally a myth, yet it is a big one holding us back
      • Dealing with setbacks – expect them! And deal with them with compassion
      • The motivation myth – external motivation is a myth. True lasting motivation comes from within.
      • The upside of stress – stress is as we see it. We can totally transform the way we see ‘stress’.
      • New thinking around goal setting – goals can be fun if we see our wellbeing isn’t tied to us achieving them.
      • Dealing with unsupportive family and friends – so so common, and a big one for people to see ways to navigate.
      • Obstacles versus excuses – helps us to get up quicker when we stumble into roadblocks.
      • Plateaus – happens to everyone and not a sign of failure. In fact, it’s a gift as it invites us to slow down and regroup.
      • Non scale victories – we all ‘know’ the scale is unhelpful and not our best guide. Seeing beyond that belief will open our clients up to seeing a whole world of victories beyond the scales!

      If you want to serve, and want my help to help be an authentic coach, this mentoring program is for you. 

      As a mentee, you will be invited to join my group coaching program The Art of Thriving and be able to partake in some group coaching experience AND also join the Art of Coaching group mentoring program. Both of these at no extra cost to you.

      Love Tracey


      6 months mentoring: $3,200AUD (or payment plan of $850AUD per month for 4 months)

      Check what you gain access to on the right hand side! And I am constantly adding to this resource which will always have access to.

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