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    "I can only give to you what I have already given to myself. I can only understand the world as much as I understand myself."

    Being a health coach is the BEST job in the world. I get to point people back to their innate wellbeing. To the mental wellbeing and metabolic health that they deserve.

    Being a health coach is an art. It is NOT a science. There is no one to do things. But there are some clear things health coaches are not.

    In my almost 5 years as a coach, I have transformed my own life along with the lives of many others who have trusted me to help them. And I've worked out a few things that work (and a lot that don't!) over my time. This is what I can share with you if you would like to take on some mentoring with me.

    My coach mentoring program is a 3 month program. We meet over zoom (or face to face if you're in Melbourne) weekly.

    The Curriculum:

    Core Topics:

    1. What is the role of a coach and what type of a coach do you want to be?

    • Technique versus insight
    • Why is this important
    • Clarity for yourself and your clients
    • Avoid the common traps most coaches make (telling their clients what to do, thinking they know what’s best for their client)
    • How to be of service

       2. What are the essential skills coaches need?

      • Listening differently – listening for a feeling
      • Connection – getting out of your own head and helping your client get out of theirs. Judgement is the number one barrier of connection… and we all love to do it.
      • Seeing the wellbeing of your client – your client has wellbeing within, they just can’t see it yet. But you can.

       3. Putting your own mask on before you help others

      • Your own grounding and development
      • You own self awareness of what drives you
      • You own level of curiosity.

       4. Conducting a coaching session

      • Pre information gathering
      • During a session – intake, noticing, listening, connecting
      • Do’s and don’ts of a coaching session
      • Setting up your coaching business
      • Social media
      • What to charge
      • Insurance
      • Courses, podcast, finding clients
      • website


      These topics are the ones that I see come up time and time again for people who are attempting lifestyle change. The challenges of lifestyle change!

      • Knowing deeply how to set to scene for change in your clients
      • Emotional/stress eating and drinking - how this works and helping your clients overcome these habits.
      • Effective habit change – how it works, how to create new ones
      • The perfection myth – perfection is totally a myth, yet it is a big one holding us back
      • Dealing with setbacks – expect them! And deal with them with compassion
      • The motivation myth – external motivation is a myth. True lasting motivation comes from within.
      • The upside of stress – stress is as we see it. We can totally transform the way we see ‘stress’.
      • New thinking around goal setting – goals can be fun if we see our wellbeing isn’t tied to us achieving them.
      • Dealing with unsupportive family and friends – so so common, and a big one for people to see ways to navigate.
      • Obstacles versus excuses – helps us to get up quicker when we stumble into roadblocks.
      • Plateaus – happens to everyone and not a sign of failure. In fact, it’s a gift as it invites us to slow down and regroup.
      • Non scale victories – we all ‘know’ the scale is unhelpful and not our best guide. Seeing beyond that belief will open our clients up to seeing a whole world of victories beyond the scales!

      If you are interested in this program, please book in for a complimentary phone call first. You can do that here: https://bookinwithtracey.as.me/discoverycall

      If you want to serve, and want my help to help you do it well, this is the program for you. 

      Love Tracey

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