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Over 2 videos, I want to show you how it is possible to not be controlled by your cravings anymore. I want to show you how you can completely get back in control when it comes to your habit. It is possible to find freedom from you habit.

I have done it. I used to think I had no control when it came to my emotional eating habits. When it came to my drinking habits. When it came to looking to food to 'make me feel better' when my day didn't turn out like I wanted it too.

But when someone showed me I in fact did have options, I just had to look where they showed me.

And that is what I want to show you too. 

You don't have to be anything other than curious! In fact curiosity is a the only thing you did for change.

Starting to be curious about your habit. Curious about it being optional. Curious about what would happen if you didn't follow it....

The first video I will attempt to show you how to disrupt those patterns that have been mostly likely being laid down for many years now. You absolutely can change them when you look in the right place to do that. 

The second video will show you some things that have helped me and others I've shown this to over the years to manage the change a little easier. I go through some tips on feeding your mind and body, we do a little bit around boundaries and that inner child, and we then go through some breathing exercises designed to calm your nervous system. 

Here's a short little video explaining what this program covers. 

I hope you enjoy the view from where I am asking you to look.

Love Tracey xx

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