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7 Week Bootcamp to Thriving!

Want to learn all you need to thrive over 7 sessions?

Grab the recordings of the 7 Week Bootcamp Tracey did within her Art of Thriving group late last year. "Over 7 sessions, I share the most fundamental pieces of the learning to thrive at living puzzle". These recordings are exactly how it happened last year.

Once signed up, you will gain access to every session. But Tracey encourages you to work through it week by week, allowing for time in between each session to gain insight.. and look where she points you.

What is covered in each session?

  1. Getting clear on what matters to you. This matters! And can then be a very powerful driver to help you with behaviour change
  2. Developing your skills to notice what is happening in the moment. Noticing, observing, being curious. All important parts of the change puzzle that allow us to see we have many choices in any situation we are confronted with.
  3. Releasing the pressure valve. Oh yes, what a novel concept! Let's look at why this is an important concept for you to take on board
  4. Practising self kindness and compassion. If you're not doing this, you're missing out. We're mostly conditioned to be hard on ourselves. Is it working? Why not learn a much more powerful way for you to get things done that matters to you?
  5. Learning how to eat mindfully. Focusing on what we eat, how we eat, how we think we eat... and more.
  6. Finding real motivation to move. Moving matters! We're designed to move. Let's look at where motivation comes from and how to tap in to something that is effortless.
  7. The final week we will wrap it all up.

As these were recorded in front of a live audience last year, you will also be able to observe the questions and coaching that came at the end of each session. The feedback from this bootcamp was amazing.

Be ready, be open, be willing, be curious, be teachable!

Any questions, just email me

Tracey xxx

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