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The 12 Health & Healing Gifts to Unwrap for Yourself Today!

Join Tracey as she takes you through a gift to unwrap in your understanding of health and healing. 

Unwrap your understanding of:

  1. Choices - why you make the ones you do and how to make different ones
  2. Belief - what you believe is what you become!
  3. Energy - how does food help us make energy?
  4. Food, vitamins and minerals - what is essential for our cells to fire for us
  5. Let there be light - is all light the same?
  6. The dopamine brain - the pleasure/pain balance
  7. Mind traps - stop being tricked by your brain!
  8. Nervous systems - getting out of survival mode
  9. Stressing less through understanding where it comes from.
  10. Innate resilience - it does live within.
  11. Confidence, motivation and perfectionism- are these all myths?
  12. Innate navigation and present moment magic to live your life to the fullest.

How does this program work?

  • These sessions were recorded live last year. You gain access to the program, plus questions and coaching asked during the live sessions.
  • Access to other videos and resources to support your learning, including a PDF of my yet to published new book, The Daily Insight.

Who is this program for?

  • Anyone who is looking to learn and understand deeper what are the most important gifts to unwrap in the health and healing puzzle.
  • Practitioners or coaches in the low carb space looking to understand this deeper themselves, and thus how to more effectively help their patients or clients

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