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Habitual insecurity, or feeling a lack of confidence, is a huge barrier to change, growth and transformation. You were not born insecure. It is thought created and happens innocently during the process of living.

A lack of confidence often shows up as an unwillingness to do what matters. An unwillingness to do what you know in your heart you need to do to create the life you want to have.

Most people think of confidence as a feeling. Of absolute certainty, absence of self doubt, no fear of failure. 

But self doubt is built in to the human experience. And... confidence is not a feeling. Rather it is an action of faith in yourself.

Join Tracey as she shares how you can start to normalise not feeling confident in your life, and totally step over it.

Because if you're like Tracey was 7 years ago, you have a dream. And if you have a dream, you must be willing to do what is necessary to reach it, even when it is not easy. Especially when it's not easy. Otherwise it will remain just that... a dream.

Let Tracey help you turn your dreams in to reality!

Cost: $25 (or purchase the complete series to receive one free!)

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